Student Wellbeing Overview


Trinity Catholic School values the wellbeing of its students, families and staff, and actively promotes the social and emotional wellbeing of all through a number of programmes and initiatives.

Social and Emotional Learning Framework (SEL)

Trinity Catholic School promotes student wellbeing and builds student skills in dealing with Social and Emotional (SEL). Classroom teachers plan with the Wellbeing Leader several times per term to embed SEL in the Literacy and Inquiry Learning. The whole school awards system, class meetings and Student Leadership meetings reflect our SEL programme.


School Counsellor

Access to a School counsellor ensures a more effective way of supporting those students who need particular social/emotional assistance, strategies or intervention. The work of our Councellor supports our aim of encouraging the total development of each child.

Student Welfare Action Team

The Student Welfare Action Team (SWAG) meets weekly with classroom teachers to monitor the welfare of all students at Trinity.



As a means of supporting students and parents from non-English speaking backgrounds, Trinity Catholic School actively promotes the use of interpreters and aides to assist when and where needed. Two aides are available to assist with students from our Vietnamese and Sudanese cohort of students and their families.


Weekly School Assemblies

Weekly school assemblies are held to promote belonging and participation in school life. We continue to build relationships using the five competencies of Social and Emotional Learning. Awards are granted each week for students across the school for being exemplary in Self Management, Self Awareness, Social Awareness, Decision Making and Relationship Skills. Our school's Ignatian values, which guide our Inquiry units, are fostered through student led nominations each week, with certificates given to students who are exemplars of these values.


Student Leadership

School Captains, Vice Captains and Class Captains from each grade meet each week to discuss school issues and relay things to celebrate. School Captains, Vice Captains and House Captains meet for a Leaders Workshop each Wednesday to support other school management and leadership related responsibilities. We have engaged key student leaders in workshops to learn the skills of effective presentation, organisation and communication so as to raise the student profile and voice within the school.