Pastoral Care

At Trinity Catholic Primary School we believe that children need guidance in developing attitudes and skills that enable them to effectively contribute to our changing world. These attitudes and skills are taught as well as expected of the children. Parents are informed of what is expected and receive consistent feedback on their child’s behaviour.


The Student Wellbeing Leader works closely in providing support to children who are experiencing difficulties in their social-emotional development. She works with teachers across the school in the planning and teaching of our whole school approach to Social and Emotional Learning (S.E.L.).


Trinity Catholic Primary School has a structured Behavioural Management Policy which is based on consistent behavioural expectations, positive rewards and structured consequences for inappropriate choices. School guidelines are consistent across the school, based upon our five school rules.





Rules exist to ensure the safety of everyone and that the rights of all are respected.

At the commencement of the school year, staff and students revisit our school rules. These expected behaviours are published in the school’s Newsletter, as the basic guide for all student behaviour at the school.

As members of the Trinity Catholic Primary School Community,
we all take responsibility to create a safe school environment.


At Trinity Catholic Primary School we:
1. Follow Directions
2. Speak Appropriately
3. Move Safely
4. Care for All Property
5. Listen to the Speaker
6. Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to Ourself.