Build-A-Bear Programme

What links us? What is important to us as a class? What values do we have in our classroom? If we were to make a class bear, what would it look like and how would it link to our values?


As part of exploring classroom identity and values, each grade discusses the strengths each individual within it brings to their classroom, as well as shared values of the whole. Each class goes about identifying the features that would best represent their class on their 'mascot' bear. The Class Captain then travels to "Build-A-Bear" with the Student Leadership Team to construct the bear according to their class design.


Children in the class have the opportunity to take the bear home. Each class sets its own purpose for taking the bear home but this generally involves the bear interacting with each student's family. These experiences are then shared with the whole grade through digital cameras.


Build-A-Bear provides a great opportunity for classroom reflection on identity and values. It also provides a fantastic interaction between our families and the school.