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  • tel: 03 9428 7180
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Our Community

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Trinity is rich in history and celebrates the wonderful diversity of its families.

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School Tour Video

Our official school video is a great way to see what we’re all about.

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Our Vision

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Trinity Primary School is a welcoming school that fosters diversity and promotes innovative, high quality learning.

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Welcome to Trinity

Welcome to our school website. Our website provides an insight into the great learning environment that we are so proud of at Trinity. Here you can explore the many clubs and extracurricular opportunities available for our children and learn about the rich partnerships our school enjoys.

At Trinity, we value building quality relationships, built on respect, inclusiveness and a strong sense of welcome. We work hard to provide a safe, nurturing and welcoming environment. We pride ourselves in knowing each child and valuing each family. Central to this is our positive partnership with all parents and carers, who, as children’s first teachers, help make our community so welcoming… Read more

Trinity Parent Sophie
"It's a really nice sense of community here. All the class sizes are quite small so the kids get a lot of interaction with their teachers and there's a lot of support for kids who might need additional help."
Sophie, Parent
Trinity Parent Martha
"I really love Trinity because it has brought the best out of my children."
Martha, Parent
Trinity Primary School Parents
"The thing we love the most is that all the teachers are really welcoming to the students. It's a real family environment."
Nalini & Michael, Parents
"We love Trinity School because it’s a community school and it’s the perfect size and it feels like we’re part of a family. It’s perfect!"
Roberto & Francisca, Parents
Trinity Primary School Parent Bernadette
"It's clear that the kids care about each other and the teachers are really dedicated to being there for them.
Bernadette, Parent

Our new uniform

We are very excited to share our new uniform beginning 2022. Find attached instructions on…

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Chemical Sciences in the Science Lab

  Our junior school students have been investigating the properties of different materials. This week…

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