Vision & Mission

Trinity Primary School is a welcoming school that fosters diversity and promotes innovative, high quality learning. We ensure that every student strives for excellence and engages in our global society.

Mission Statement Leadership & Management

Trinity Primary School values posterAt Trinity Primary School we promote collaborative team work by:

  • Promoting open, honest and professional communication
  • Recognising and promoting opportunities for parents, staff and students to lead
  • Ensuring all decision making processes are respectful and transparent
  • Ensuring that school leaders actively build a positive school climate
  • Expecting that all staff will actively empower families to be meaningfully connected to their child’s learning and the school community

Education & Religion

At Trinity Primary School we provide an environment where our Catholic faith, based on the Gospel values is developed through:

  • Fostering an environment that nurtures and deepens our relationship with God and each other
  • Acknowledging and respecting our multi-faith community
  • Developing a whole school Religious Education Curriculum, that explores knowledge, rituals, symbols, teachings and traditions of the Catholic faith
  • Building positive parish connections
  • Celebrating our faith through Liturgies and Sacraments
  • Developing and living Ignatian Spirituality

Learning & Teaching

At Trinity Primary School we provide an inclusive and innovative curriculum that meets the immediate and future needs of each student by:

  • Personalising learning to empower students to be confident and highly engaged
  • Implementing innovative educational pedagogy and classroom practice to promote lifelong learning
  • Preparing students who engage and contribute positively to their local and global communities
  • Encouraging students to strive for excellence
  • Equipping students with the skills and confidence to engage with new learning technologies


At Trinity Primary School we provide a community that is welcoming and inclusive and respectful by:

  • Encouraging the engagement of our families in the social life our our school
  • Actively building partnerships with our families in their children’s learning
  • Promoting meaningful and effective communication within the school community
  • Build purposeful and strategic links with outside agencies and schools in the wider community