The Arts

Visual Arts

Visual Arts is also taught at Trinity by a specialist Art teacher in our well-equipped Art room. Students from Prep-year 6 enjoy a weekly lesson which comprises of our students exploring and expressing their ideas, using varied Visual Arts Practices, presenting  their art work as well as learning to respond and interpret art.

We celebrate our Art skills by holding our very successful Biennial Art show. It is a wonderful community event which showcases our wonderful skills and artistic talents. To glimpse the amazing student work click the link Art SHOW 2018


Our qualified specialist music teacher also undertakes Music lessons each week.  Our program involves Exploring and Expressing musical ideas, applying musical practices, such as singing and using instruments, Presenting and performing rehearsed songs or instrumental pieces as well learning to respond and interpret music.

Biannually we hold our school concert in Hawthorn Town Hall.


The Trinity Trebles gather each week to practice their choir singing. Lead by our music teacher The Trinity Trebles perform at school events as well as in the our local community such as Epworth Hospital and Victoria Gardens. We also perform at our neighbouring kindergartens as well as local nursing homes.

ABC Instrumental Group

Students are welcome to learn additional instruments such as guitar, violin, keyboard and drums etc (extra cost). We also offer Vocal lessons (extra cost). Ukeluele is a free lunchtime club for those who would like to learn to play.