Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning at Trinity Primary School encompasses the integration of Science, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship along with Literacy, Numeracy and Religious Education.

We have a whole school approach to Inquiry learning with all students immersed in the same big-picture concept such as Social Justice, Sustainability, Change, Creativity and Discovery.

The students of Trinity Primary school undertake a pretest to determine what they already know about the content and skills they will be learning during the unit before the teacher plans the unit.

In each Inquiry unit, our students complete immersion tasks which may include a video or hands-on experience that provide opportunities to pique student’s curiosity, allow for a sharing of ideas and encourage clarifying questions.

Students generate wonderings about the concept and use research skills from a variety of sources to find out new information. This work is then presented in a variety of ways including using a ‘Workflow” or 2D and 3D construction.